Rain Bi Korean Singer Actor Music Millionaire

Rain Bi is a Korean singer and Korean drama TV actor. Rain Bi Korean singer success in Asia and US music market. Bi Rain concert tickets sold out. Success in music and acting career make him a music millionaire.

Bi Rain music albums:
Bi Rain Korean Pop solo singer. He has good voice, like Wonder Girls and dance choreography, like Michael Jackson. Rain albums combine good songs and choreography. My favorite Rain album is It's Raining, including Rain hit singles It's Raining and I Do. Bi Rain album is a good music investment.

Bi Rain Korean drama TV series
The best Rain TV drama is Full House. Rain and Song Hye Kyo played together in Full House Korean drama. Rain natural acting and chemistry with Song Hye Kyo made Full House becoming a hit TV drama. Rain becoming a superstar in Asia. Korean drama Full House is a good investment.

Bi Rain concert
Bi Rain has success in music and TV drama industries, plus he has Rain clothing line Six to Five. He is world superstar. Rain concert tickets sold out, successful Korean TV drama and clothing line, no wonder he becoming a millionaire. Music is a way to become rich, but needs hard work and investments to achieve career goals like music millionaire Korean singer Bi Rain.


Rainism said...

Rain Bi is the King of Kpop music. I love Rain music and stage performance.

Anonymous said...

i love you rain!!!

so much

Anonymous said...

RAIN made his country South Korea very very popular...Because of him..a lot of overseas fans became interested in visiting Seoul..just like me..RAIN is a World Superstar..he is the solo best performer in South Korea and the sexiest man alive..I love you RAIN...